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Bath Facts

The Russian bathhouse is considered one of the most humid. It heats up to 60 degrees or more with almost 100 percent humidity.
✔️ The Russian bath is an excellent tool for breathing practice. Hot and humid air has a positive effect on the larynx and nasal mucosa.

✔️ It is not recommended to subject the body to unnecessary physical strain while visiting the sauna, so it is better to drink herbal teas or juices. Massage in the bath helps to improve motor reactions, coordination and blood circulation.

✔️ Bathing procedures help to distract from everyday worries and problems. A person gets positive emotions and copes with troubles easier.

✔️ According to experts, proper bathing procedures can lead to weight loss of up to 2 kg in one visit. In addition, the heat makes the skin smooth, firm, elastic and gives it a healthy hue.

✔️ According to statistics, 20% of Russians visit the bath or sauna every month! Recently a record was set for the time spent in the bath. One Russian woman spent 26 hours in the steam room!

✔️ Sauna procedures help to stabilize blood pressure: it decreases in hypertensive people and increases in hypotensive people.

✔️ Bath procedures have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Blood flow in the brain decreases, which reduces emotional activity and eliminates nervous tension. Muscles of the body relax, the body sinks into a state of rest and tenderness, which allows you to recover.

✔️ Experts recommend visiting the sauna no more than 1-2 times a week, because otherwise the effect is greatly reduced.