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Bath for health and wellness: how to steam properly

Bathing has a relaxing effect not only on the muscles, but also on the nervous system, relieving tension, stress and anxiety.

Since ancient times, the bath was not only a way to wash off the dirt. Different peoples of the world can find their own unique bath traditions, because bathing is something that can help to put in order both our physical and spiritual well-being, finding harmony and balance.

What is the essence of bath rituals, what rules should be observed so that visiting a bathhouse does not harm your health, and what are the most common mistakes associated with going to the bathhouse? Certified bath attendant Janis Šalms and clinical pharmacist Ilze Prijedniece tell us all about it.

It is necessary to know how much you should take in baths

Woloshin banya's bath attendants with more than 20 years of experience emphasize that bathing is a serious physical activity, so everything should be done calmly and in moderation. If a few important conditions are met, the ritual of going to the banya can be a good way to relax, forget about everyday stress, purify yourself and enjoy special sensations. Baths are usually heated to 60-80°C - this temperature is not harmful to the skin and the steam does not become too dry during the long steam bathing process. Bath attendants note that such a temperature and contrast as in a bathhouse cannot be found anywhere else in nature. Before going to a hot bath, it is always recommended to warm up first, and after the bath to cool down, so the traditional bath ritual usually lasts 3-4 hours.
Warming up includes warming up, rubbing and washing, because you should steam when your body is clean to better remove accumulated toxins from the body. At the same time, a light massage is performed to start important processes in the body - circulation and metabolism. The bath ritual is followed by a "flight", during which the consciousness of the person changes, for example, when he gets from the heat to a cold bath, which allows you to fully relax.

And after the "flight" they bring the person back to the steam room, slightly steam, cover him with herbs and leave him to relax in complete silence for at least 5 minutes. Only after that the person is taken to the anteroom, covered and allowed to rest and cool down a bit.