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Body care in the sauna

Baths, saunas and spas are oases of health and relaxation. Bathing procedures with cosmetic products will bring you many benefits: revitalising your body, improving your skin condition and activating metabolic processes.

Remember to take good care of your hair, skin and body. Take time out every week to relax and feel the difference it makes to your quality of life.
Here are some simple and effective treatments:
Salt scrub: Soak a handful of salt, massage it onto a pre-boiled body and spend 5-7 minutes in the steam room. Then use a broom.

Anti-cellulite honey scrub: use honey, cream and grapefruit essential oil. Apply the mixture before the steam room and leave for 10 minutes afterwards to enhance the effect.

Coffee face scrub: mix coffee grounds with kefir and a little honey, warm up the mixture in the sauna. Rinse off after 10 minutes with an herbal infusion.

Sugar scrub: mix granulated sugar with sour cream and gently massage into the skin. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Hair mask: apply a mixture of blue clay, diluted with water, on dry hair after a visit to the steam room. Braise your hair for no longer than 8 minutes and wash out with shampoo.
These steam baths will make your skin velvety, and hair silky, as well as help you fight weight gain. It'll also leave you feeling inspired and at peace. It's a great alternative to going to beauty salons or seeing a specialist. Save time and money by enjoying beneficial bathing treatments in just a few hours.