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How to get maximum benefit and pleasure from visiting a bathhouse?

How to get maximum benefit and pleasure from visiting a bathhouse: answers to important questions.
Visiting a bathhouse is one of the most beneficial pleasures for humans, and after a quality steam bath you feel as if you have been reborn. However, even in the most beautiful bathhouse, it is possible to steam ineffectively, only wasting time without truly enjoying yourself. This should be avoided!

A comfortable atmosphere in the steam room, the so-called "light steam", is achieved at an air temperature of 50-70°C and a humidity of 40-60%. The steam should not burn the skin or cause discomfort when breathing. Breathing should be free and the use of the broom should not cause discomfort.

How to properly conduct a steam bath for two people?
To steam the second person, he should lie on his stomach with his arms stretched along the torso. The steamer spends several times with a broom all over the body of the person being steamed, starting from the legs and ending with the head. After that, the steamer makes compression, lowering the broom on the guy's waist and pressing it with his hand for 2-3 seconds. Then follows bedding - the steamer passes the broom on the back, lower back, pelvis, calves and feet of the steamer. After bedding, intensive stroking is carried out. Next comes the whipping - the steamer grabs hot air and whips it all over the body of the wagered, making compresses every few whippings. The procedure is completed by shrouding - the steamer lightly touches the body of the person being steamed with a broom and passes it from the feet to the head from different sides. Steaming is completed by rast