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Bath attendant's day.

Bath attendant's day. Visiting a steam room followed by jumping into the snow or a cold font is a separate type of national leisure time associated with ancient Slavic traditions. Russian bath gives positive emotions and good mood, strengthens the body and spirit. It cannot be said that visiting a Finnish sauna and hamam is not beneficial. However, connoisseurs of special atmosphere, real steam, massage with oak and birch brooms choose Russian sauna.
Washing and cleansing of the body takes place with the participation of masters, who are representatives of one of the oldest professions. In their honor there is a holiday - Bathhouse Worker Day, celebrated on October 11. The master, who leads the steam room, knows the recipe for herbal infusions that make the air fragrant and useful. The bath attendant knows the art of massage with a broom, the type of which is chosen depending on the desired effect. The specialist knows all the subtleties of preparing the steam room, can provide first aid in case of emergency.
The profession of a steamer was highly valued at all times. A real bath attendant must be in an even mood, be hospitable, pleasant and attentive in communication. His work requires endurance, resistance to temperature fluctuations and good physical health. A steamer knows his work well, has sympathy for people and loves his profession. It was believed that he should have a contact with the bannik, which refers to the domov. Our ancestors were sure that if this spirit is dissatisfied with something, it can start mischievous. Therefore, the owner of the building was welcomed before the beginning of the procedures and thanked for a good steam before leaving.