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The hot steam will heal any ailment

As we greet the dawn in a fairyland, under the hot steam, where the sun rises, shining brighter than all the colors, healing is born. In this world, as if created for peace and renewal, the hot steam embraces us, penetrating every cell of our being, bringing with it the healing power.

Like a magical shroud, the steam penetrates our skin, filling our lungs with its warmth and purity. It penetrates the depths of our bodies, spreading its healing wings, dispelling ailments that may have enveloped us.
In moments when our energy wanes, the hot steam comes to the rescue, breathing into our lungs and filling them with its divine power. It spreads throughout the body, freeing us from heaviness and filling every cell with energy and vitality.

The steam knows how to bring relief and peace to a tired soul. It brings freshness and rejuvenation, like the breath of new life. It envelops us with its warmth, soothing our frayed nerves and soothing our pain as if it were the gentle touch of a loved one.
With each breath of steam we feel our strength being restored, our body and soul returning to harmony. It penetrates into the depths of our being, dissolving disease and ailments as if they never existed.

So let this hot steam penetrate your veins, mingle with your blood and become the life-giving elixir that heals all wounds. Let it spread its wings and come to you to give you health and prosperity.