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The most common mistakes when visiting a bathhouse

Often people do not know how to properly enjoy the bath ritual and make mistakes that can affect not only their well-being, but also spoil the idea of the essence of bathing.

Consult a doctor.
If there are health problems, for example, there are cardiovascular diseases, or a woman is expecting a child, then before visiting a bathhouse it is necessary to consult with a doctor, so as not to take risks.
Warm up and cool down. In order for the bath to bring pleasure and not health problems, it is important not only to properly prepare for it, but also to properly cool down after the bath. The process of cooling down is very important, then after the bath will not have a headache.
Enjoy the bath, but - in moderation. Often people speed up the bath ritual, subjecting their body to stress. In the bath you can also use scrubs, essential oils and clays - they help to make the process even more pleasant.
Do not overeat or drink alcohol before the bath. Visiting the bath with a full stomach will not allow the body to fully relax, because it will be busy processing and digesting food.
It is not allowed to sit in the bath. In a bathhouse, one must lie on a shelf. The basis of the bath process is the expression "Cool your head, warm your feet!". Going to the bath, it is desirable to wear a bath hat made of felt, so as not to overheat the head.

Meaning of bath brooms

Our bath attendants believe that oak brooms are especially useful for men, symbolizing strength and courage, and linden brooms for women: they give tenderness and femininity. But this does not mean that representatives of different sexes should be steamed only with these brooms. There is both male and female energy in us, so brooms are usually used combinations of different plants. The composition of the broom depends largely on what it is intended for: for cleansing, protection, invigoration or other purposes. For example, birch is a neutral plant, so it can be used by both men and women. Maple branches make excellent warming brooms. Wormwood, aspen are bitter plants that purify the body. Also in the manufacture of brooms often use mountain ash, fir, waxwort.

For bath brooms take not only branches of oak, linden, maple and birch, but also herbs - wormwood, chamomile, Ivan-chai, labaznik, nettle, melissa and others. For example, melissa helps reduce fatigue and is calming, chamomile is not only soothing but is recommended for skin health and care. Ivan-tea is also good for skin health, while labaznik is good for relaxation and good sleep.