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The power of sweet juicy orange🍊

In the Woloshin banya, we use natural herbs and gifts of nature to relax and create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and rest.
As a decoration for cold and warm fonts, we use sweet orange for various bath procedures.
✅ The aroma of orange creates a joyful atmosphere
✅Revitalizes and gives energy during a breakdown and depression, relieves fatigue and eliminates melancholy and anxiety.
✅ Helps to lift the mood, helping to believe in oneself
✅Stabilizes mood and improves tone
✅ Fills the aura with positive energy, makes it cleaner
✅Helps with insomnia
✅ Softens and hydrates the skin
We look forward to welcoming you to the banya spiritual meetings Woloshin banya 🤗
Address: 🏠Durlesti, 1 lane, Codrilor 44
Reservation: 📞+37369111314