Bathhouse blog

Why is the Russian bathhouse considered a place of strength?

First of all, the location. A banya is a place that is neither home nor someone else's space. Usually it is placed on the border of the plot or by a body of water - at the junction of land and water. This location defines the bathhouse as a transitional place where the door to the subtle world of spirits is always ajar, which means that there are energies here that do not belong only to our world.

Secondly, in the bathhouse all the elements are combined and manifested: fire, water, earth, air. Fire is obvious, and water and air are also present. The old earthen floors can now be replaced by stone or brick floors, as well as wood, from the walls to the wood in the stove.

Man does not solely dominate the bath; this space is shared with the natural elements and the energies of other worlds. This gives the bathhouse a special meaning, wrapping it with rituals, beliefs and legends.

What rituals were performed in the banya? Traditional Russian rituals:

Rites of initiation and initiation. These rites helped people move from one status or role to others, completing one stage of life and preparing for the next. Today, such rituals can be associated with birthdays, graduations, weddings, birth of children, starting a job or leaving a job.

Bathing caresses and straightenings. These massage procedures help not only to relax the body, but also to free the mind and soul, preparing them for inner healing and harmony.