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Bath decoctions

Friends, today we want to share with you a wonderful secret for total relaxation and wellness - bath decoctions! If you're looking for deep relaxation and self-care, these aromatic blends are sure to please.
🍃 What are bath concoctions? Bath decoctions are mixtures of natural herbs, plants, and essential oils that are added to water during a visit to a bath or sauna. They create a pleasant aroma, help relax muscles, cleanse the skin and respiratory tract, and provide a general sense of well-being.
✨ Popular bath decoctions:
Mint-Lemon Refresher: Mix fresh mint leaves with lemon slices and add to boiling water. This decoction refreshes the skin, improves your mood and helps clear the airways.
Lavender Relax: Put dried lavender flowers and a few drops of lavender oil in water. This concoction calms the nervous system, helps fight stress and improves sleep quality.
Citrus refreshment: Add orange, lemon and grapefruit slices to boiling water. This decoction tones the skin, gives you a burst of energy and lifts your mood.
Ginger boost: Place fresh pieces of ginger and some honey in water. This decoction helps to warm the body, boost immunity and improve blood circulation.
How to use bath decoctions? Simply add a few spoonfuls of your chosen decoction to the boiling bath water before visiting. Let it infuse for a few minutes to let the flavors unfold, and then enjoy the healthy steam and the beneficial effects of herbs and essential oils on your body and soul.

✨ Prepare yourself a cozy atmosphere in the bath with these natural bath decoctions and immerse yourself in an oasis of health and relaxation! 🌿💧