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Tipuri de băi și beneficiile lor

A bathhouse is not only a place for rest and relaxation, but also a powerful tool for improving health and revitalising the body. There are many types of bathhouses, each with their own unique characteristics and benefits. Let's take a look at a few popular types of bathhouses and how they contribute to our health and relaxation.
1. Finnish Bathhouse:
The Finnish sauna, also known as a sauna, is one of the most common types of baths. The inside of a sauna is kept at high temperature and low humidity. The benefits of a Finnish sauna include:

Skin cleansing: The high temperature encourages the skin's pores to dilate, which helps the skin cleanse itself of toxins and impurities.
Muscle relaxation: The heat of the sauna helps relax tense muscles and improve circulation.
Strengthening the immune system: The increased temperature in the body activates immune reactions, helping to strengthen defences.
2. Russian Bath:
The Russian banya, or steam room banya, is characterised by high humidity and lower temperature compared to the Finnish banya. The benefits of a Russian banya include:

Deep skin cleansing: The high humidity helps open pores and improves skin quality.
Aromatherapy: Aromatic herbs are often used in Russian baths to promote relaxation and wellness.
Respiratory stimulation: The steam in a Russian bath helps to dilate the bronchi and improves respiratory function.
3- Infrared Baths:
Infrared baths work by using infrared radiation that penetrates deeper into the body, heating it up. Benefits of an infrared bath include:

Deep warming: Infrared rays penetrate deeper into the muscles and joints, promoting relaxation and healing.
Improving circulation: The heat of an infrared bath helps dilate blood vessels and improve circulation.
Keeping the body in a state of relaxation: The lower temperature of an infrared bath allows for longer sessions without overheating.
Each type of sauna has its own unique characteristics that promote both physical and psychological wellness. When choosing a type of bathhouse, you should consider your preferences, your health condition, and the recommendations of experts. Regular visits to a bathhouse can be not only a pleasant way to spend time, but also an important element in maintaining health and vitality.