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A belief about the bathhouse shift

Our ancestors believed that the bathhouse was inhabited by a bath attendant. Bathhouses were often included in residential buildings. People claimed that the bath attendant washed with dirty water after everyone who lived in the house. After the third or fourth shift, everyone tried to leave the bathhouse as soon as possible to avoid being attacked by the bath attendant, who might throw stones and douse them with hot water.

The Slavs believed that after three shifts, demons would come to the bathhouse to sweat. Among these demons the bath attendant and fairies were sure to be present. If any man entered the bath at that time, he would not survive.
The bathhouse is a mysterious place
The bathhouse has always been considered a special place with an aura of something inexplicable and secret. It was forbidden to bring a cross into the bath. It was necessary to leave it at home in order not to anger the bath attendant.
It was obligatory for the men to be the first to take a bath. Then came the children, and only after them - the women. Women were considered "unclean". Men were forbidden to wash after the women. People believed that violating this prohibition would transfer women's illnesses to the man.