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Breathing and yoga practices

Yoga in the bath combines two powerful healing modalities - yoga and heat therapy. This unique practice has deep roots in ancient traditions and offers people the opportunity to experience physical exercise and relaxation together in the warm and humid environment of a bathhouse.

A yoga session in a bathhouse usually begins with a moment of deep relaxation and meditation. The warm steam and herbal aromas add extra depth to the experience, helping people shift more quickly to a state of peace and awareness. This is followed by a series of physical asanas, or postures, which are performed in a moderately warmed room. The warmth promotes deeper stretching of muscles and joints, and increases overall blood flow, which helps improve flexibility and cardiovascular function.

An important element of yoga practice in the bathhouse is attention to the breath. Deep and conscious breathing helps people maintain control over their movements and balance their minds. The combination of breathing and exercise helps relieve tension, improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.
The asanas are followed by a phase of deep relaxation, where students are given the opportunity to fully relax and absorb the warmth and energy of the bath. This phase helps to restore physical and emotional harmony.
Yoga in a bathhouse has a number of benefits. It helps to improve flexibility, strength and stamina of the body and helps to release stress and tension. In addition, the heat helps to dilate the blood vessels, improving circulation and helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

The combination of heat therapy and yoga can be intense, so it is important to listen to your body and respect its boundaries.