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Sound therapy and steaming

It would seem that what can be in common between sound therapy and steaming in a Russian bath! And yet, there is quite a lot in common. Why? Both of these techniques are designed to bring all the systems of the body and the whole person to a harmonious (harmonious) state. Undoubtedly, both techniques are self-sufficient, but by combining them, the effectiveness and positive impact only increases.
Bath is an elemental environment where all elements are present, and sound is just the physical manifestation of the fifth element - ether.
That is why it is possible and necessary to sound in the space of the bathhouse! Processes become deeper, sensations become brighter, the degree of trust increases, and the guests leave the bathhouse filled with relief and joy. And isn't that the goal of the steam master in the end?!
Working with sound is another effective tool in the steam master's arsenal.
What you need to do to make these two practices work well in tandem. First, you need to understand the following topics:
Intuitive sounding in the bath.
Walking in the bath.
Singing. The power of the human voice. How to sing, what to sing, and why.
Musical instruments-assistants of the steam master. What instruments can be used in the bath, including in the steam room and why they are needed. Practical recommendations on their use.
Sound as an additional means of adjusting to the bathing mood and trust between the steam master and guests.
Sound as an additional means of diagnostics, protection and purification.