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Love Story at Woloshin banya - a romantic bathhouse adventure

Love Story at Woloshin banya - a romantic bathhouse adventure

Can you ignite passion in a relationship and deepen spiritual closeness? Of course! Invite your loved one to a romantic bathhouse adventure. The Love Story program at Woloshin banya is specially designed for such moments.

It's a tale told in several acts - together with your loved one, embark on an exciting bathhouse journey with amazing ancient rituals, which will bring magic, incredible feelings, and emotions.
Our specialists have prepared something special for you:

  • Incense with fragrant smoke;
  • Ritual of washing feet together with citrus and juniper decoction;
  • Magical steaming with the mysterious ritual of the first steam for two;
  • Individual steam sessions with oak broom and active hot steam exposure;
  • Contrast treatments in the stone pond, ice tub, and warm citrus tubs;
  • Lulling in the sheepskin swings;
  • Soap and bast massage and relaxing massage with aromatic oils;
  • Rejuvenating scrubbing and sound healing with the sounds of magical instruments.

The final touch of the Love Story program will be a steaming session in our new clay Tripoli steam room and immersion in a salt pond.

This incredible romantic adventure will provide you with complete physical and spiritual rejuvenation, elevate your relationship to a new level, and fill it with harmony.

Book the Love Story program and discover new facets in yourself and your loved one, beginning to hear and feel each other anew.

Also, such a fantastic gift can be organized for a couple to whom you wish happiness and harmony.

To book the program and purchase a gift certificate: +373 76 010 555