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The correct process of using brooms

The correct process of using brooms is a method that helps one achieve deep relaxation not only physically, but also on the level of the mind. Quality use of brooms leads to a state of relaxation and the elimination of thoughts that confuse the mind. Bathing certainly provides an excellent opportunity to work with tensions in the body that interfere with the natural flow of energy.

The very atmosphere of the bathing space can have a psychotherapeutic effect and, if used wisely, help to resolve psychological problems. Summing up the above, one can argue that the Russian bathhouse is a space for psychotherapy, which can provide holistic healing on both the physical and mental level.
Now back to the recommendation: "Go to the bathhouse...". This is not just a call, but advice for people suffering from obsessive thoughts, negative emotions and feelings, complaining about their health and experiencing negative environmental influences. In response to their complaints about life, they are advised to visit a bathhouse to cleanse themselves, improve their well-being and mend the course of their lives.