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The benefits of the sauna for the body

The beneficial effect of the sauna is determined by its influence on both the body and the psycho-emotional state. Here are the key points:

  1. Regular sauna sessions help toxins and waste leave the body more quickly. The high temperature aids in cleansing the skin pores and removing fatty blockages.
  2. Increased blood circulation promotes improved oxygen exchange in cells.
  3. The sauna's temperature regime improves the functioning of the kidneys and the urogenital system. Due to the accelerated blood flow, detoxification of the body occurs.
  4. Accelerated recovery from colds. Because of a special combination of humidity and temperature, the body heats up effectively, and pathogenic microorganisms perish more rapidly.

The sauna has a beneficial effect in the presence of conditions affecting the nervous, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems. However, to achieve this effect, it is important to remember some rules:

  1. Before entering the sauna, it is advisable to take a shower and wrap a towel around your head.
  2. Two hours before procedures, it is good to have a light meal, avoiding overly heavy or fatty foods.
  3. It is not recommended to enter the sauna with wet hair, which could suffer from exposure to moisture and temperature.
  4. The first sauna session should not exceed seven minutes, then it is necessary to rest in the relaxation room, and for subsequent sessions, the duration can be extended to 15 minutes.
  5. Between sessions, it is important to drink enough fluids (juices, water, kvass, tea) to replenish fluid losses, but it is best to avoid alcohol.
  6. The total time spent in the sauna should not exceed two to three hours.
  7. It is recommended to perform the procedure in a lying position for better distribution of heat, starting from the bottom.
  8. After finishing the sauna procedures, it is advisable to cool off in the pool and take a shower to remove sweat residue from the body.

By adhering to these recommendations and considering contraindications, sauna visits will only bring benefits to your health.