Bathhouse blog

How do people feel about the bathhouse nowadays?

People have different attitudes towards the bath. Some see it as entertainment and for others it is a means of relaxation. On websites with ratings of baths you can find reviews, where the rating is lowered because the karaoke does not work, which is surprising. Baths are most often hired for birthdays and holidays. However, there are some people who realise that the bath can bring health benefits and go there simply to get warm, soothed and relaxed. The bath is known for its health benefits.
The bath is also called a temple for body and soul. This does not only mean benefits for the body, youth and health, but also for the soul. People used to visit the bathhouse as a sacred place and came out of there with answers to many questions and problems worked through. I believe that a person who goes to the baths regularly, at least once a week, does not need a psychologist! Because when we go to the bathhouse we can have a lot of thoughts in our heads. We put a lot of other people's values and problems on ourselves, which weigh us down and we lose our way. Today, many people seek themselves by applying Eastern practices, which can be realised in a bathhouse.
In a bathhouse, you can get rid of unnecessary baggage, close the door of the steam room and cut yourself off from the outside world. Being alone with yourself, your feelings, emotions and problems, you can gradually get rid of everything superfluous, including dirt. You can get answers to what is important to you and what your path is. A person who goes to the sauna is a calm person who knows what he needs.