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A Russian banya is not just a place to wash and relax.

A Russian bath! What does it represent? Just a place for refreshment and steaming? A small sanctuary for water procedures? We assert: it is much more....

A Russian banya is not just a place to wash and relax. It is a place where we come by ourselves or together with friends to enjoy the warmth of steam and good company. Here we not only cleanse and revitalize ourselves, but also find comfort and tranquility in this long-loved community.

Photo: open sources.
Since ancient times, the bathhouse has been a symbol of purity and well-being. And even today, centuries later, it retains its importance. In the beginning, bathhouses were stoked "black", without a chimney, and the smoke went out through the doors.

A "black" bathhouse.
Later, with the development of civilization, there was a method of "white" with a pipe for smoke removal.

Modern baths.
Bathhouses have always served people well. They are a real source of recovery for the whole organism. Colds, respiratory problems, skin diseases and even bad moods - all of them can not resist the real, healing Russian steam!
It is important to love and respect banya, to understand it and accept it as a blessing. Let's remember the basic rules:

Temperature in the steam room: 60 - 80 degrees (depending on hardening and health).

"Steam breaks the sauna heater, and builds your health". Steam should be finely dispersed, with well heated stones. Brooms play an important role in the bath, so the choice of the right broom is extremely important.

After each run, it is necessary to ventilate the steam room from carbon dioxide.

For recovery and hardening of the body, it is recommended to take cold baths or dousing with cold water after steaming.

When applying water to the stones, it is better to use aromatic additives such as fir or eucalyptus, which can additionally treat the respiratory tract.

Before you start melting the sauna or steaming, greet the owner of the bathhouse. This is not only a kind gesture, but also a way of respecting the place.

"He who often steams, he will grow old late" - says a famous saying. It is not for nothing that famous bogatyrs so valued the time spent in the bathhouse. "Bath steams - gives health" - they said, and their health was noticeable.

"To wash in a bathhouse is to be reborn" - we say today, going to our favorite bathhouse to enjoy the steam, relax and energize.